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Consequently the Spanish came to view the northern frontier of their empire as a defensive barrier and as a place where pagan souls might be saved. In what are now the states of Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, missions were founded to propagate the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church. To protect these missions as well as the mines and ranches of Mexico from attack from the north, the Spanish established presidios — fortified garrisons of troops. Franciscan priests founded a series of missions in Florida after , mainly along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Especially influential was Father Alonso de Benavides, who directed the founding of 10 missions between and and thereafter promoted them ably in Spain. By missions had been established among most of the New Mexican Indians. The first of these, founded near what is now Weches, Tex. Between and the missionary and explorer Father Eusebio Francisco Kino established many missions in northern Mexico and Baja California as well as some in southern Arizona, the most notable of which was Mission San Xavier del Bac. Missions varied enormously in their economic and religious success. Some could not support themselves; others developed fertile fields and vineyards and huge herds of cattle.

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Michelle Tan October 22, Handcuffs used on men arrested for prostitution solicitation sit on a table at a hotel in Minot, N. Sex trafficking has become a big problem in North Dakota amid an oil boom that has brought in money and oil workers. The Minot police sting ended with the arrests of 13 men, who answered ads on an escort website posted by the undercover officers.

The 25 people were charged in 14 separate indictments, the U. A federal grand jury returned the indictments Wednesday; the documents were unsealed after the defendants were arrested.

Americans of Mexican Descent. The Americans of Mexican descent, or “Mexican homesteaders” undaunted by the Apaches, began to avail themselves of the .

A Brief History of A. Gilbert markets his first construction set under the name “Erector” in The bright red cases typical of this period have become an icon to many of us Baby Boomers, and even to some of our younger “Generation Jones” siblings. Gilbert Heritage Society Web Site: Let me tell you a little about the history of Erector. C Gilbert started the Mysto Magic Co. In he developed the Erector set. At this time there were several construction toys out.

The most prominent was the Meccano construction toy developed by Hornby in England. These sets were very popular. Gilbert needed something unique. What he created was the square girder.

The Future Will Be Fiction, Joaquín Aras at Móvil in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Volume 4, Issue 4, July , Pages: To cite this article: International Journal of Archaeology.

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The Manufacture – History History of Zenith watches Browse the history of the Zenith Manufacture online, from its foundation by Georges Favre-Jacot and the creation of the first pocket chronograph. This legendary wristwatch chronometer movement equipped with a small seconds function was to earn no less than prizes. It is the only one capable of measuring short times to the nearest tenth of a second, thanks to its balance oscillating at a frequency of 36, vibrations per hour.

Production of the El Primero caliber could begin once more. Major watch brands were eager to get a fresh start in this field by equipping their timepieces with this legendary movement. The first Zenith caliber to be developed using Computer Assisted Design technology, it was voted movement of the year by the trade press due to its extreme slenderness and its proven reliability.

More than ever before, the now visible oscillations bring to life the magic of a mechanical watch beating at a high frequency.

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Of all the things he hates about himself — his overtly masculine size and strength, his blue eyes, his insecurities — it is the need to submit that he fears will destroy him. Doctor Isaac Bard is close to achieving his perfect life. The only thing he is missing is a handsome young man to dominate, spoil rotten, and love. Jack and Isaac might be a perfect match in the back rooms of the exclusive Windsor Club, but will the outside pressures of perception and duty tear them apart? Amazon and Kindle Unlimited His Quiet Agent Arthur Drams works for a secret government security agency, but all he really does is spend his days in a cubical writing reports no one reads.

April 26, – U.S. Marshal Martin J. Pane announced that the arrest of Sharif Gabriel Colon, 18, in Wilkes-Barre, PA. On April 22, , the Virginia Beach (VA) Police Department obtained an arrest warrant charging Colon with murder for his involvement in the incident that occurred in April of

The humbly named SotoStarshade class integrates the circular restricted three body equations of motion to find the states of the occulter as it dances around a telescope on an L2 halo orbit in a rotating frame. As of now, it can solve boundary value problems to determine slew trajectories: This slew time can be varied accordingly to reduce the amount of fuel used in the impulsive maneuvers or can even be minimized given fuel constraints.

With this new starshade class, trajectories can be generated throughout the mission. The video shown above shows the simulation of the starshade motion about L2 as the telescope slews to view new targets. Slew times are set to 20 days for every target and the station-keeping motion is not shown.

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Some fringe and rimshot stations are shown depending upon signal strength and location The success of AM radio after the advent of television can be attributed to the late Gordon McLendon, who started station KLIF in KLIF became a trendsetter that was reportedly the most copied station in America. McLendon was one of the creators of Top 40 playlists, a staple of programming that continues today. Whether you knock AM radio today for its relentless static or its lack of music, this is where it all began.

Disclaimer: These photographs and charges are provided by Orange County Corrections of people booked into the Orange County Jail during the past 30 days. They have not been convicted of the charges listed and are presumed innocent. The charges listed were current as .

Our unique database includes entries of hundreds of millions of adults who hold a criminal record across the U. Our records include a large selection of crimes. We do the hard work of putting it all together so that you don’t have to. Having access to criminal records across the U. Because our database pulls in information from public criminal databases dating back decades, we can easily give you an idea of criminal activity now compared to what it used to be like in any given area.

We also make it easy to view criminal activity by category so you have a clearer picture on whether or not a certain kind of criminal activity is happening in your area compared with other kinds of crime. We make staying aware of your surroundings easy. Whether you’re preparing to move, going on a vacation, or just want to know the criminal activity in your area, CriminalSearches.

If you’re trying to find criminal records by county, our county court lookup tool gives you a hassle-free way to review criminal records anywhere in the country. Plus, our record goes back decades, so you’ll be able to see changes in activity over time. That means if you’re trying to find information about crimes committed in the past anywhere, you’ll be able to find out more information. We break it down by state, county, and even city to let you know what kinds of crimes are happening anywhere in the U.

About Criminal Records Criminal records in the U. Criminal records also include traffic and DUI offenses.

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Edit It is revealed that the suspect’s son was the perpetrator in a Virginia shooting that killed eight people. Elsewhere, Adam is released from prison after spending a year and asks Kono’s help to track down a fellow inmate’s daughter to make up with him. Elsewhere, Adam and Kono are kidnapped by a death cult, and are forced to escape with another victim through the woods to an abandoned house where they hold off the cult until HPD and Five-0 arrive.

6/2/ AM Page: 1 U. S. Bankruptcy Court — California Eastern BK Fund Control Detail Depository U.S. Treasury All Creditors Until 05/31/

The historical document History of El Sereno is presented using the same words, illustrations, and facts contained in the historical document. We have added other documents, maps, links, and pictures to enhance and better inform our readers about our community of El Sereno’s long and unique history. Click on Picture to enlarge PDF file. Though little evidence exist because the area was never seriously examined nor were items preserved.

Worst of all, any surviving evidence was obliterated during the development of the freeway and Cal State University Los Angeles. But it is logical to consider that one of the original 36 adobes built in California was built in El Sereno because the stream known as Arroyo Rosa de Castilla runs down the the middle of EL Sereno, right past where the original Spanish adobe once stood. The adobe was most likely built very near the native village because the native Tongva people were the primary labor force behind the majority of the Mission’s construction projects, including the building of the San Gabriel Mission.

It’s logical to think the native Tongva people living in Otsungna helped with the building of the original adobe. Used for cattle grazing, an adobe was constructed here in by vaqueros from the Mission. A severe and devastating flood in , caused by the San Gabriel River that flowed nearby, led the mission fathers to relocate the San Gabriel Mission farther north, to its present location in the city of San Gabriel.

Early photo of the historic adobe built in , remodeled around , that once stood on ground now occupied by Cal State L.

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This is the parsed source from the Orange County Corrections website. It is provided as a reference only. Images have been removed and links have been disabled. Individuals are Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Disclaimer This information provided on this website is intended to help users acquire information on county jail arrests.

Poetry. Adams, Kate, Bright Boat, 69; Adamshick, Carl, Everything That Happens Can Be Called Aging, 91; Adamshick, Carl, Tender, 91; Adamson, Christopher, J.

George, Tucker’s Town, utilities, water sports, Warwick, weather, wildlife, work permits. Not until this year did the USA and Britain become allies, which is why so many land based forts were built in Bermuda in the 19th century, primarily to defend against not European but American aggression. They and their powerful, long range, hill-top coastline cannons discouraged an enemy from seizing Bermuda. All the forts in the Western Parishes were designed to help protect the Dockyard.

At the Dockyard three 4. Each was supplied by an underground magazine. Under this further improved system, a six inch gun could fire a pound exploding shell for 12, yards. The Causeway is reopened.

History of Zenith watches

Start by searching a name, phone, address or email. Then in a few minutes you’ll have access to all the public data we can find. Used by Millions After 10 years, we’ve developed a loyal user base that helps us improve every day.

Alabama Alabama’s culinary heritage is a testament to hard-working people with a healthy appetite for tasty food: “The first Europeans to visit Alabama were Spanish seamen in They reported that the Indians feasted on wild turkey, game, fish, melons, and squash.

A body of Indians mentioned by Lawson and associated with Algonquian tribes. They may have been a part of the Machapunga q. Lawson gives the name of their town as Raudauqua-quank and estimates the number of their fighting men at Mooney places them with the Pamlico in his estimate as of the year and gives the two a population of 1, See also California for another tribe of the same name. Named from Cape Fear, their native designation being unknown or indeed whether they were an independent tribe or a part of some other.

They would then have been connected with the Siouan linguistic family and probably with the southern Atlantic division of which Catawba is the typical member. See also South Carolina. The only village mentioned by name is Necoes, about 20 miles from the mouth of Cape Fear River, probably in Brunswick County. In five villages were reported. These settlers seized some of the Indian children and sent them away under pretense of instructing them in the ways of civilization and were themselves in consequence driven off.

In a colony from Barbados settled here but soon left. In a third colony established itself at the mouth of Oldtown Creek in Brunswick County, on the south side of the river, on land bought from the Indians, but, though the latter were friendly, like the others this attempt at settlement was soon abandoned. They were visited by Capt.

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Within a year, Marcos returns with news of a great city called Cibola, where Esteban was killed, which from a distance appeared to him “bigger than the city of Mexico. Within an hour, the Spaniards have overrun the pueblo, and over the next few weeks, they conquer the other Zunis in the region. After a day trek, Cardenas becomes the first white man to see the Colorado River from the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Along the way Alvarado see the ancient mesa-top pueblo of the Acoma, and at Cicuye, on the Pecos River, he learns of wild “cattle” on a nearby plain, like those described by Cabeza de Vaca.

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