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To travel between the airport and the city centre: Vardar Ekspres operates buses between the airport and the city center. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes and costs MKD Tickets can be purchased from the booth in the airport and must be paid for in local currency, which can be obtained from exchange offices or ATMs in the airport. Taxi service is regulated. Airport taxi is the only licensed taxi operator from the airport. The fare to the center is approximately MKD 1, Pristina International Airport is located 92km north of Skopje. The train station is adjacent to the bus station, 2km southeast of the city centre. By bus[ edit ] Skopje Avtobuska Stanica , the bus station, is adjacent to the train station, 2km southeast of the city centre.

The Jewish Traveler: Macedonia

Vardar Express From the new terminal, there are buses running into Skopje operated by Vardar Express transport company; a timetable can be seen on the company’s website, but a rule of thumb is that the buses depart about minutes after a landing, just outside of the exit gates. It takes 25 min to the city and costs MKD one-way; tickets, which are checked on board, can be bought from the Vardar Express office next to the exit gate. You will need Macedonian denars for this. Buses are scheduled to arrive about an hour prior to a flight, so you’ll have plenty of time for exchanging back your left-over denars, check-in, passport control, security check, and boarding in Skopje’s little trafficked airport.

The airport is accessed by the main highway Belgrade-Skopje-Thessaloniki which connects it directly with the city. As an alternative option, Kosovar capital Pristina may offer cheaper deals than flying directly into Skopje on some routes.

SKOPJE, MACEDONIA—A referendum on changing Macedonia’s name as part of a deal that would pave the way for NATO membership won overwhelming support Sunday, but low .

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Macedonia agrees to change its name to end decades-long dispute with Greece

The Lost Book of Wars. The local shepherds who found them, took the artifacts to their pastor, an amateur linguist and folklore aficionado, who at first glance identified the cuneiform writing as Sumerian. He visited the discovery site and found several other fragments prompting him to further continue his search. In the winter months from November to February , four more tablets were put together out of thirty-seven fragments collected in the interior of the cave.

Checking out the center of Skopje, Macedonia’s capital, after a week of cycling reminded me of stopping off in Las Vegas at the end of a hiking trip — a whiplash switch from serenity to spectacle.

Selina Kok I caught the aroma while pedaling up a hill in the vertical village of Brajcino, in southwest Macedonia. Snapping my head to the left to locate the source, I spied a woman out of the corner of my eye, stirring whatever was in a wide enamel pot. As much as I hated losing momentum, I had to stop and see. A few hours earlier, at our adorable stone guesthouse in Ljubojno, one village down the road, my wife and I had sampled our first homemade ajvar EYE-var — a rich roasted-red-pepper spread popular across the Balkans.

We were on a layover day during a bike tour around several mountain lakes in Macedonia, a fascinating, struggling country that has at various times been ruled by the Romans, Slavs, Bulgarians, Serbs and Ottomans and has been at odds with Greece for decades. At breakfast, our indifferent driver, who shuttled our luggage and grudgingly pointed out a minimum of sights, had displayed a rare burst of enthusiasm when describing the ritual of making ajvar in her homeland of Bulgaria.

Thankfully, not only did Divna Kostovska turn out to be one of them, but she also rents rooms and cooks traditional dishes for travelers, meals that might include a portion from this huge batch of what she confirmed was ajvar. Buckets of freshly plucked tomatoes, peppers and a large pile of white beans drying in the sun surrounded her. When I complimented her plump tomatoes, she handed one to each of us. Kostovska said that soon she and her family would harvest their apple crop — orchards blanket this region around Lake Prespa — hoping to sell some 25, apples for export to Russia, Iran and Iraq.

St. Teresa of Avila

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The first evidence of this extractive metallurgy dates from the 5th and 6th millennium BC, and was found in the archaeological sites of Majdanpek , Yarmovac and Plocnik , all three in Serbia. By combining copper and tin, a superior metal could be made, an alloy called bronze , a major technological shift which began the Bronze Age about BC.

The Khvalynsk culture in the Volga region marks the first appearance of the chalcolithic in the steppe. Copper working quickly spread in the Pontic-Caspian Steppe and associated cultures further north Fatyanovo—Balanovo culture and west Corded Ware culture. This dispersal was of course linked to haplogroups R1b and R1a. Copper-tin ores are rare, in the Mediterranean region there was then no significant reserves of tin.

The amber was the gold of the Baltic Sea, the Baltic Sea was not then on the periphery of the civilized world, but it was a supplier of luxury goods that world. The Amber Trail was used to transport the most important raw material of this era, the tin.

Macedonia: Referendum approves name change, but turnout low

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Saint Juan Diego was born in as Cuauhtlatoatzin, a native to Mexico. He became the first Roman Catholic indigenous saint from the Americas. Following the early death of his father, Juan Diego was taken to live with his uncle.

Sep 30,  · SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) – A Secretary Jim Mattis among a long line of foreign officials who visited Skopje ahead of the vote to urge Macedonians to back the deal. resolve a dispute dating.

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Ancient age[ edit ] Distribution of cities in antiquity in the border of southern Illyria with Greeks and Thracians. The earliest inhabitants of the widest Lake Ohrid region were the Enchele , an Illyrian tribe [14] and the Dassaretae , an ancient Greek tribe based further East in the region of Lynkestis. Bishops from Lychnidos participated in multiple ecumenical councils. Middle Ages[ edit ] Floor mosaic in the Poly conch Basilica. The South Slavs began to arrive in the area during the 6th century AD.

By the early 7th century it was colonized by a Slavic tribe known as the Berziti.

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Mourinho’s comments ahead of the contest in Skopje was one of the key talking points in the build-up to Tuesday’s showpiece, adding fire to a transfer story that will seemingly just not go away. But if the United manager’s pledge to “fight” for Bale’s signature didn’t set the tone for this game, then his suggestion that Zidane’s decision on whether or not to pick him would be indicative of the former Tottenham star’s future certainly did. PA Ian Wright urges Tottenham Hotspur to re-sign Real Madrid and Wales star Gareth Bale to ‘take them to next level’ Zidane, on this evidence, appeared to take little notice, although Cristiano Ronaldo’s lack of match fitness may well have helped to make up his mind.

Whatever the reasoning, his choice was vindicated, as Real took the Europa League champions apart during a superb performance to win their fourth Super Cup with a win. Bale was lively for most of the evening before being substituted 17 minutes from time, putting in the sort of display that will serve as a timely reminder to his doubters that he still has the ability to play an important role for Los Blancos. His one-two to set up man of the match Isco for Madrid’s second goal of the evening oozed class, and arguably carried a certain level of significance, particularly given that the latter has often been a preferred option, with the most prominent case in point being the Champions League final in Bale’s hometown of Cardiff.

But Tuesday night will have surely gone some way to proving that the two players can both add value to this team, with only the woodwork denying Bale a goal of his own just before the hour. Getty Images Europe Such displays will be seen as typical of the man here in Wales, and indeed over in England, but the backdrop that formed around this game arguably made it feel like something of an audition for Bale – an audition he most certainly passed.

Indeed, Bale did his bit to show those in the corridors of power at the Bernabeu a glimpse of what they would be missing if they did decide to move him on this summer. The liveliness displayed by the year-old was arguably in line with a player with something to prove, with Bale’s hunger to impress seeing him nearly opening the scoring after just three minutes. And yet, judging by the number of pre-match tweets from the the club’s Twitter account featuring the Cardiff man, it is difficult to say with any certainty that his future at the club is really that uncertain.

Then again, it’s worth reminding ourselves that despite some of the difficulties he has faced during his time in the Spanish capital, and despite this not really being one of his signature performances, Bale remains one of Madrid’s top talents. He himself doesn’t appear to be cutting the figure of a man that is unloved and unwanted.

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