5 Possible Ways Your Boss Might React When You Resign (and How to Know Which to Expect)

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Flickr user decoded conference ] By Stephanie Taylor Christensen 7 minute Read Sometimes, navigating office politics—and speak—can feel a bit like trying to decipher the meaning behind smoke rings. Rather, you could just be one in a sea of overqualified people vying for the position. This type of office-speak exists for a reason: There are often protocols that employers must follow when hiring, firing, or providing feedback. But how the messages are conveyed can leave workers scratching their heads, trying to read between the lines.

They could simply be the result of shifts in business strategy or senior leadership. Ask HR what the next most comparable position might be. This can help you assess whether the job will be one step forward—or two steps back. If the company is switching from selling a tangible product to an intangible service, everything from manufacturing to pricing to marketing will be affected. High morale means exciting things could be on the horizon—but low morale could signal that employees fear layoffs.

As with stretch roles, this ambiguity can be positive or negative, depending on your work style. But if you prefer clear direction and a finite set of responsibilities, you may prefer more structure, says Murray.

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There was a time when I was ashamed of this, thinking it a reversal of the natural order of things that reflected poorly on my socio-economic achievement. My boss, from his perspective, felt uneasy about supervising someone both older and more educated than he. Today, however, the two of us work well and comfortably with each other. Good working relationships do not easily cross generational divides, but as healthy older workers begin staying longer in the workplace, a lot of us are going to be addressing the issue.

My current relationship with my young boss did not emerge easily or intuitively.

To envision your boss in your dreams symbolize your intimidation of your boss or fear of their authority. Things apparently are not satisfied with your progression at work and your dreams of your boss may be the frustrations due to the current issues.

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One more step

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My advice is to use this time of closeness with your boss to energize your work and help you gain more knowledge and skills. Make him continue to feel proud of his good judgment in hiring you. Make it a good feeling time, rather than one of unhappy longing or wishing.

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One more step

My company Sevenly has over 40 employees. We have executives, managers, assistants, and everyone in between. I believe work is special. Sadly, I often see the opposite. As fear creeps into the employee mentality, many choose passive over voice, settle over growth, and silence over affirmation.

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Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Beth is our source for the answers. She also might provide an answer without waiting to be asked. That happens from time to time too. Click here to get to know Beth, then get in touch with her by sending your question to: Hello Beth, I have a work colleague who I have a crush on. We have spent a lot of time together and have become very close. We talk constantly and text all day. The problem is she has a boyfriend, and I am married but in a long distance relationship that is not working out.

I think she may be interested but she respects the situation. Should I attempt to take our relationship to the next level or just simply remain friends and see what happens? Craig Hi Craig, Wow, there is a lot going on in your email. You have 1 your own marriage 2 the fact that your co-worker is in a relationship 3 uncertainty about whether this woman is even interested in you 4 the messiness of dating a co-worker. If you feel jumbled while reading this response, trust me, I felt jumbled while writing it.

Ex-Wife Dissapears at Her Boss’s Christmas Party

Your boss, that is what he is. This means he probably has little time to keep all his appointments in mind. He has several bigger responsibilities that he has to deal with. Or so it seems, or you are made to believe. Either way, that is one of the reasons you are employed:

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How to Write Emails for Informing the Boss that an Appointment is Fixed (With Samples)

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“My knowledge and experience on IT-related issues superseded those of my colleagues and my manager,” she says. At the beginning, she found it irritating to know more than her boss.

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Protect the Boss Episode 1 Recap

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Should You Date Your Boss?